A Complete Guide To Buying Tea

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Hi, I'm Vincas. I'm on a mission to get more people to drink loose leaf tea. I learn about tea and share my findings on this blog. Also, I run a small online tea shop. Expect to find articles with tips, guides, and interesting facts about tea.

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  1. These are some great tips! I used to pick my new tea mostly by the prettiness of the packaging… Or some fancy words that would caught my eye. All because I had no idea what am I supposed to look for! But now I don’t feel so clueless and exploring the world of teas actually looks much more exciting.

  2. These days it is easy to buy a tea as they are available across all the platform and just have to pick the right tea which suits you and taste well.

    1. Absolutely, but with so many offerings it is hard to choose the right one for you, let alone good quality tea. How do you know if it suits you or tastes well if you can’t try it in the shop or online before buying?

  3. I definitely am the person that will vouch for buying tea online. I am obsessed with tea so after a lot of research when I came across a good page to buy tea online I jumped at the opportunity. My favorite tea of all time is jasmine tea which is quite difficult to buy in shops so luckily now can buy jasmine tea online.

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What is this blog about?

Hi, I’m Vincas.

I want people to have the best tea drinking experience – so I learn about tea and share my findings with you.

I write a tea blog – where you’ll find articles with tips, guides, recipes, and reviews for tea.

I run an online tea shop – where you can buy excellent loose-leaf tea. 

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